This is what climate protection looks like.

High energy efficiency, lower costs

2010-04-26 - Air conditioning, Energy, Environmental Protection

Air quality is of prime importance


2010-04-26 - Energy, Environmental Protection, Lighting

Eco-friendly trade-show world

Market researchers from the Bloom Group have found that increasing numbers of trade-show exhibitors are prepared to invest part of their budget in climate-friendly booth solutions.


2009-12-02 - Isolation thermique

Solar land register for home owners

How much solar energy can my house harness? By how much could I cut my CO2 output and energy expenditure?


Billions for thermal solar energy

2009-12-02 / Energy

US-$750 million for solar thermal power stations in the Middle East and North Africa


Improve protection of the environment

2009-12-01 / Air conditioning

We are still a long way from reaching an acceptable level for greenhouse gas emissions.