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Full luminosity, less power

China's Drive to Save Energy

Illuminated signs at Pudong Airport point the way to the future

"Green Games" is the motto with which Peking successfully applied to hold the Summer Olympics in 2008. The name stands for an environmental program with an official budget of EUR 11 billion. Among other things, this enormous sum was used to design the Olympic buildings sustainably and to the highest technical standard. The buildings' energy efficiency plays an important role. Besides this, the subway network was extended, industrial premises were moved to the city's perimeters and a reafforestation program was launched in the north of the city. Peking wants to go green.

When Terminal 2 was open last March, the annual capacity of Pudong Airport jumped from 20 to 60 million passengers. This put Pudong among the world's big-gest commercial airports. And Shanghai now faces the next superlative event after the Olympic, the World's Fair Expo 2010, which the airport operators expect to bring an additional 24 million passengers. With its theme "Better City, Better Life," Expo 2010 addresses the urban problems of the 21st century. Here too, the theme of energy plays a major role. With its illuminated signs,  the new terminal at Shanghai's airport already points the way to future energy savings.

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