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Ed Feenstra has more than one solution for

Ed Feenstra likes to experiment. "I love anything technical," says the 46-year-old. Anyone who walks around the greenhouses at Feenstra Flowers in Ontario, Canada, soon sees what that means. Everywhere you look you see special technical features designed by Ed that make work easier. The white watering pipes above the beds of lilies, for example. Or the pipe system under the roof that is filled with hot water in winter to melt the snow.

greenhouse, and has never looked back since: "Our lilies grow much better because of the 91% light transmission and our yield has improved."

was an investment in the future."

HEATSTOP double-skin sheets whose special formulation reduces heat buildup indoors, so the rooms require no air conditioning in summer.

  multi-skin sheet. Therrien has monitored the development of the system and is sure it will be successful in the market. 

The story about the queen of pot plants is just one of the articles in the current issue of the Greenhouse Journal: PROFITABLE GROWTH UNDER ACRYLIC. Download PDF