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Harnessing the power of the sun.

Denver Consulting Firm Experiences Significant Energy Savings Due to Unique Daylighting Solution

Passing the Test with Flying Colors

Rather than installing all eight skylights at once, Turner Morris replaced one skylight located directly above the desk of Dale Johnson, owner of Administrative Concepts, so he could test firsthand the new skylight designed with ACRYLITE Heatstop acrylic sheet.

By replacing the traditional acrylic glazing materials in the skylights with ACRYLITE Heatstop sheet, natural sunlight can illuminate the interior without causing overheating. The sheet uses a proprietary performance formulation that allows it to reflect considerably more incident solar radiation to limit the amount of heat entering the building.

As a result of the new skylights, Administrative Concepts experienced a significant energy savings this past summer. Studies have shown average annual air conditioning costs can be lowered by as much as 33% simply by using ACYRLITE Heatstop sheet in place of traditional glazing materials. At the same time, ACRYLITE Heatstop allows natural light to illuminate building interiors to reduce dependence on electrical lighting. Its energy saving advantages make ACRYLITE Heatstop well suited for environmentally friendly designs.