This is what climate protection looks like.

A good climate pays off.

A good climate pays off

A pleasant room temperature and plenty of daylight make for a comfortable atmosphere at the workplace, one where employees feel at ease. That has a positive effect on their performance and well-being, both in factory and office locations. Even for machines, the right room temperature may be crucial for proper functioning.

Light domes offer the advantage of providing rooms with the required amount of light. They usually take the form of systems with an inner and outer skin, and an air gap in between. However, if made exclusively from conventional materials, they have the disadvantage of letting in heat together with sunlight. This results in excessive heat buildup in rooms, which can only be offset by the intensive use of air conditioning units. These are very energy intensive and are therefore harmful for the global environment.

An efficient heat shield can solve this problem and improve the ecosystem. This is noticeable at the workplace, calculable in terms of lower air-conditioning costs, and environmentally friendly due to lower carbon emissions.

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The right heat protection for roof glazing not only saves energy, it also improves working conditions. more